IC Test Sockets

R&M Electronics offers standard socket and connector designs to support a wide range of IC packages such as PGA, BGA, LGA, TSOP, QSP, QFN and CSP. With a large collection of contact pin and component designs in production, we typically can leverage existing standard components into custom socket products to meet your requirement.

We are capable of producing sockets with a large pin count (4,000++) and fine pitch (<1.0mm pitch). Our innovative and modular component designs enhance user experience, performance, allow easy modifications and multiple platform use.

R&M Electronics also designs and manufactures standard PCMCIA for system integrators and custom connectors for test boards.

Check out our latest Flexible Test Platform, FTS-150, designed to meet your probe pin testing requirements. Discover how it can address your testing needs effectively.

Thermal Solutions

R&M Electronics’ Thermal Management Systems (Temperature Forcing Systems) are suitable for burn-in, system level, and lab tests for chipset and optical transceiver products. We offer various technologies such as air, liquid, vapor, and TEC-cooled depending on your temperature requirements.

Our server rack mountable thermal solutions are precise, reliable, low noise, can be operated locally or remotely via Serial/USB and Modbus TCP communication, and condensation-free when packaged with our dry air module from 0°C to 130°C.

R&M Electronics’ thermal controllers are designed with an intuitive graphical user interface, and can be tailored to your specific requirement to ensure hassle-free integration.

Automated Test Solutions

R&M Electronics designs and manufactures completely customized, standalone and integrated semiconductor test and handling equipment in response to customer and industry demands to improve product quality and production efficiency. 

We leverage years of experience and skills from experts of diverse backgrounds. Advantage from our socket, probe pin and thermal solutions capability, R&M Electronics integrates advanced vision system, actuators and robotic arms to build high speed, precise, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Thermal Accessories

R&M Electronics supplies high quality thermal accessories and replacement parts that are widely used in thermal test solutions. Our catalog covers products of good reliability, performance and value to end users.  Additionally, we offer customizations for thermal accessories tailored to OEM applications.

Please visit our Thermal Accessories page for more information.