About Us


R&M Electronics was founded in 2010 in Penang, Malaysia. For the past decade, R&M Electronics has grown from a design house to a full-scale manufacturer of automated test systems for the semiconductor industry. Our focus is mainly on advanced design and development to meet the challenges of small form factor packages, high power and stringent temperature test requirements.

With extensive experience on the factory floor, we provide engineering services to support the production needs. Critical components such as test socket and thermal control unit (TCU) in an automated system require knowledge of the actual end-user environment in order to meet a high throughput rate while maintaining good components’ life. Therefore, our commitment to providing quality services is from the design to the lab or test floor.

Besides semiconductor fields, we also serve telecommunication, automotive and other industries. Over the years, we have built up strong-tie relationships with our clients in Asia, the United States, and China. We leverage years of experience and skills in design and manufacturing of mechanical and electrical systems to help our customers meet their goals in terms of quality, productivity and cost effectiveness.